Patented Design

Airframe hot tub cover showing the internal structure of the cover

The Airframe Spa Cover is an energy winning design using scientific principles to insulate and patented elements to create a superior lightweight spa cover that doesn’t gain water weight and made in the USA. With no threads or zippers to fail and no polluting Styrofoam to get heavy, our durable, repairable spa cover may outlast the spa it protects.

US Patents: 6634036, 7496975, 7752685, 9340989

Why Choose Airframe?

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Environmentally Friendly

Airframe spa covers are VOC free. Our non-polluting spa covers are recyclable, and sustainable without Styrofoam or PVC vinyl.

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Easily Repairable

Airframe covers are designed to last the life of a spa; however, when necessary the cover can be reconditioned for a fraction of the initial cost.

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Cost Effective

Never purchase another cover again! Airframe can last up to 5x longer than a Styrofoam cover before needing maintenance.

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ASTM Certified

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In-house Fabric color choices

Mineral fabric color
Dove fabric color
Cinnamon fabric color
Mink fabric color
Forest fabric color
Custom fabric color

Custom Made Airframe Covers

Forest spa cover with cover lifter
Mineral hot tub cover installed on a spa that is half in the deck
Snow layer on top of a cinnamon colored Airframe spa cover
Three panel cinnamon spa cover on an in deck spa
In deck spa with a cinnamon cover and cover lifter
Brick edged spa with a mineral cover and lifter with extension
Swim spa with a three panel cinnamon cover and lifter
Four panel cover with two lifters on an above ground swim spa
Four panel cover closed on a large swim spa
Four panel anthracite cover on a gunite spa with a spillway into the pool
Blue cover with flap to cover the spillway into the pool
Custom shaped spa for a custom in-ground gunite spa
Water flowing off a spillway with a blue cover on a raised spa
Parallelogram style cover over looking a lake
Parallelogram cover on an in-ground spa
Three panel cover in mineral fabric on an in-ground spa
Three panel cover in mineral fabric on a raised in-ground spa
Three panel cover on a spa with a view of the pool
Three panel cinnamon cover on an above ground hot spring spa