The Airframe Spa Cover and AIRS

The Airframe spa cover is constructed of banded aluminum frames with radiant barriers creating layered air chambers that insulate. They’re covered in acrylic, gas permeable fabrics that repel water for outdoor use. It has a pliable surface and is not intended to be climbed on. If damage occurs it is possible it can be repaired by a professional. (See your spa dealer). It should be cleaned routinely with simple water or light detergent if necessary to maintain and prolong its condition. The Airframe is intended to be used exclusively with the AIRS cover removal system.

(Use of any unauthorized cover assist device voids the warranty)  

A non-transferable warranty is provided to the original registered owner and limited to the frame structure, radiant barriers and acrylic fabric against defects in workmanship and materials, free from water saturation for 3 years from purchase date. 

Freight Not Included

*3-year extended warranty available from factory at purchase.

Exclusions: Vapor barrier on underside of cover. Damage from chemicals, misuse, abuse or lack of maintenance, the normal wear of components due to their prescribed and intended use, and any environmental factors.

An AIRS cover removal system or component thereof, found by the manufacturer to be unserviceable due to defects in workmanship or materials will be repaired or replaced at the option of Airframe Spa Cover, LLC without charge for materials or labor, to the original registered owner for a period of seven (7) years.

Freight Not Included, warranty non-transferable.


  1. Defects due to a component or part which was modified or not intended to be a component of the AIRS cover removal system or The Airframe cover.
  2. Failure to provide reasonable and necessary care and or maintenance.
  3. Misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, natural event, or poor installation.
  4. Normal wear of the components due to their prescribed and intended use, and any expected or unexpected environmental factors.
  5. Exposure to chemicals and sanitizers.

Neither Airframe Spa Cover, LLC nor any of its representatives will be responsible for any consequential damage or incidental expenses resulting from any breach of this warranty. This warranty gives specific rights and some may have additional rights which vary from state to state. Except as herein provided, there shall be no additional warranty obligations expressed either orally, or implied.


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Coverplay, Inc. Copyright 2021 © All rights reserved

 Airframe Cover Care and Maintenance

Thank you for your purchase of our non-toxic Airframe spa cover, the sustainable energy efficient cover for portable spas.

Our patented design uses a gas permeable acrylic fabric on top and polyester wefted aluminum on the underside to protect the spa from debris and the elements while saving energy. This durable fabric adjusts to climate conditions and can be lax when damp and taut in the sun. Sunlight affects the Rigid Thermal Barrier just under the surface of the fabric as it can flex in midday sun. Expanded air is vented through pressure relief slits in the underside scrim maintaining equalized pressure in the insulating cores without condensation buildup. The acrylic fabric is treated to be water resistant for up to two years outdoors. Additional protection is available by applying 303, a non-toxic water repellent recommended by the fabric manufacturer.

Clean by carefully brushing debris away. Remove dust and dirt with a garden hose periodically using a soft bristle brush to remove stubborn stains with a gentle circular motion.

(Scrubbing the fabric could leave color faded)

Be sure to clear all obstructions (including snow) from cover surface before opening as compression angle hinges would be stressed.

Avoid low back strain when using the AIRs cover handler by opening the first half, stepping into the spa foot well to gently push the folded cover into a stored upright position adjacent the spa cabinet.

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