“I wanted to say that I am very pleased with the quality of the cover and customer service you have provided. If you ever have an occasion to use me as a referral, please do. I would be happy to show it to any local dealers or potential customers.”
- Gary

“I thought you might like one more picture. This morning it was cold out and the water in our swim spa is 90°. There was absolutely no ice on the cement anywhere around the spa. But quite amazingly with the good insulation in the spa top the ice remained on there. Thanks for making such a great product!”
- Gregg

“Finally, a lighter cover that looks better than the standard looking one I just threw away. Yours looks so clean, thin and modern. Keep my measurements, you will hear from me in the future again. Thank you for the nice cover”
- Shaun

“My wife and I (mostly me) spent years wrestling with waterlogged styrene covers that not only worked poorly but were SO heavy to move. We love our Coverplay (Airframe) spa cover and AIRs removal system. It’s so easy to move the cover on and off of our spa that anyone can do it without any effort. Thanks so much!”
- Mark

“Received my spa cover today. It fits perfect. Love it. Thanks so much Jess. Will take pictures later this week.”
- Eugenia

“I received my spa cover in April 2015. I want to let you know it looks like new, no cracked “leather”, no mold, no water absorption, still light and easy to remove. I’m very pleased. Your covers are very expensive relative to your competition, but worth every penny. (January 15, 2017)”
- Ted

“I’d be glad to offer up an appraisal of your hot tub cover, because the fact is, it is a better buy in the long term. We love our hot tub and use it a lot. Not having to worry about buying a new cover every few years is a real relief. Bring on your potential buyers…I’ll sell em all on your product.”
- Steve

“Thank you Jess - I very much appreciate not only your workmanship, but also your responsiveness and excellent service. Glad I found you guys!”
- Neil

“Thanks again for coming all the way to Cave Junction to install the most exciting light weight hot tub cover in Southern Oregon. Again, it was nice to meet you in person, if I have any questions I will be in touch. Plus, if I find someone interested in your product or business I will send them your way.”
- Sally

“We've really been enjoying the cover! It's so light and I love seeing all the water drain down it when opening, it makes me appreciate all the water that isn't soaking into polystyrene. I tried to promote your cover to a dealer, and you were right about their reaction: He said good for you, but showed no interest in something that lasts so long without another sale for so many years. I'll join you though in the fight against polystyrene. Thanks for your great innovation and wishing you well.”
- Brian

Customer Submitted Photos

Customer Submitted Photo Customer Submitted Photo