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Toxic foam Spa Covers and VOCs

1,900,000 Styrofoam replacement spa covers are sold in the US annually under the acronyms EPS, XPS and NGX foam that emit harmful VOCs.
Discarded, water-saturated, Styrofoam spa covers will congest Americas landfills and poison its aquifers for 2000 years to come. Known as a “Silent Energy Thief”, (water is a conductor) the average Styrofoam cover is equivalent to 3520 Styrofoam cups, or 6.69 billion cups tossed annually!

Toxic Foam Covers   

Solution to Styrofoam pollution: Airframe spa covers.

After 40+ years of water-logged, toxic inefficiency we offer an alternative to the wasteful use of Styrofoam for a heated, sanitized spa. Airframe prices start at $995 and will save energy costs exceeding that during use. Lightweight Airframe covers don’t get water heavy like foam covers do. Safe from petroleum-based VOCs with lower energy costs are high priorities for most spa owners. 21st century families and the planet deserve a sustainable, energy efficient, non-polluting alternative.
 Airframe Spa Covers, LLC, US Pat. # 9340989 Eco-designs from
E. Jess Tudor…licenses available.

Creating environmentally safe spa covers since 2012

At Coverplay we strive for energy efficiency, durability, and prefer to combine aesthetics with engineering advantages. Our Airframe offers a sustainable alternative to the polluting Styrofoam cover.
Our covers are custom made in America and built to withstand the elements while protecting the spa. Our patented, ”Green” design makes it the better choice. With no Styrofoam/ Vinyl Chloride, our cover is more environmentally responsible as components can be repaired or replaced making it a one time purchase.

The Science of our Engineering Design

U.S. Patent # 9340989

Our spa covers are sustainably built, energy efficient and repairable making them a more responsible choice for our planet.

The Airframe patented design relies on layers of gas permeable air chambers minimizing conductive heat transfer. The air layers are separated chambers utilizing them to inhibit convection allowing each layer to insulate better, while minimizing thermal bridgingLayering air chambers horizontally allows expanding gasses to assimilate to the adjacent chamber eliminating condensation and energy wasting water weight build up common to Styrofoam/vinyl chloride covers. (2016 Chemical Safety Act)

This advantage allows Airframe to be energy efficient for a decade or more! With weather, UV and water sanitizing efforts, Airframe covers are the first line of defense against these elements. When indicated, our sustainable Airframe covers can be reconditioned as new at a fraction of new costs!

At Coverplay we believe in a future with less petroleum based chemicals headed for our landfills and sustainable energy efficient spa covers. We offer Airframe to achieve those goals while providing aesthetic beauty.

Have you spoken to your spa manufacturer to remove the unhealthy toxic stigma of the Styrofoam/Vinyl Chloride spa covers from their spa models?