Coverplay Spa Covers

The Most Energy Efficient Spa Cover

Coverplay Airframe Spa Covers use our patented, chambered air/radiant barrier technology and no Expanded PolyStyrene foam. This lightweight design is so energy efficient that it has been awarded a cash rebate in Oregon for energy efficiency.

The Best Hot Tub Cover Ever Made

The Airframe by Coverplay is the most innovative spa cover to date. It’s award winning design utilizes four patents and does not contain unhealthy environmentally hazardous EPS foam which gets water heavy over time. This green technology was created to effectively insulate heat while reducing energy consumption by up to 35% continually year after year over the lifetime of the spa. It’s the last spa cover you will ever need to buy for your spa.

Coverplay spa covers offer an integrated cover removal system (AIRS) which is designed for easy lifting. The Airframe spa cover uses a lightweight aluminum frame which is covered with premium outdoor acrylic fabric that makes it durable but decorative, long lasting, and easy to use.

No other spa cover manufacturer provides a light, energy efficient, durable, green and environmentally friendly hot tub cover. The Airframe cover is award winning and Energy Trust of Oregon approved for your $100 cash rebate.  It’s a superior spa cover made for the 21st Century.

Why are foam spa covers so bad?
Open cell EPS foam spa covers should not be used to insulate a heated portable spa on standby power. EPS foam covers lose insulating value as water condenses in sealed cores becoming heavy and unmanageable. Most water heavy foam covers remain in use for years with a negative R-value as conductors while spa owners pay even more money for this quiet energy thief. More concerning are the gasses emanating from the warm water soaked cores as they spread across the surface of the water exposing bathers to micro-organisms like mold, mildew and most importantly the neurotoxins benzene and styrene.