Long Lasting Spa Cover

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long-lasting-spa-coverAs your spa cover takes on water it begins to pull heat out of the water. This is due to the fundamental principle that water transfers heat 32 times faster than air. This means that if you have a Styrofoam spa cover you are paying to heat the spa but the heat energy is being sucked out of the water as fast as you can heat it.

The average spa cover contains the equivalent of 3,520 Styrofoam drinking cups. This makes the average 7’x7′ Styrofoam spa cover like a giant sponge, gaining on average 240 pounds of water weight in just 18 months, helping to quickly degrade and age the spa cover.  This type of Styrofoam spa cover begins to gain water weight the first day it is placed on top of the water.

In contrast, the Coverplay spa cover is permeable, allowing the cover to breathe.  The vapor barrier on the bottom helps conduct air.  It does not contain harmful Styrofoam that collects water and mildew. Other covers that have a vapor barrier will still absorb water because even with the vapor barrier the Styrofoam middle collects water through the barrier.

Regardless of what chemicals you use for your spa, water absorption of the cover is the result of natural degradation of the polyethylene.  Styrofoam by design collects water.

Don’t make the same mistake twice by buying a Styrofoam spa cover replacement!

Get the only spa cover that will last as long as your spa, will save you money every one of those years and is not harmful to your body. The Airframe by Coverplay is simply a great hot tub cover.


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