TheAirframe Spa Cover Rear Stabilizer Strap

TheAirframe Spa Cover Rear Stabilizer Strap for portable spas. US Patent No. 7496975

Our elongated stabilizer strap is a patented design developed to improve convenience, transition and insulating value of a portable spa cover when implementing a cover removal system. During spa cover removal the stabilizer strap limits cover side-slip optimizing effort to minimize torque. When closing, the strap helps return the cover to its original efficient position and replaces the need for cheap plastic clips on a cover. When closed the elongated strap provides protection against unauthorized access.

TheAirframe tie down assembly consists of a post anchored to the frame with a chrome steel link through it. When attaching the tie down cable pass the looped end through the chrome link and then pass the swivel post bracket assembly through that loop and pull tautly until the ferrule sheath on the cable passes slightly through that loop. (See photo)

With the cover centered on the spa extend the tie down cable vertically to the cabinet without slack where the swivel post bracket assembly can be installed with 4 pan head screws provided. (A too taught cable will impede removal)

A little silicone spray on rear edge of spa acrylic will ease cover removal.

Titan tie-down

US Patent No. 7496975