The Airframe™ Spa Cover

TheAirframe spa cover doesn’t gain water weight and is the first spa cover to offer a 10 year warranty. This sustainable design was awarded a rebate from the Oregon Energy Trust, uses no EPS foam and relies on the science of chambered air technology. TheAirframe has the potential to be one of the most innovative energy saving sustainable concepts ever for portable spas.

(U.S. patent # 9340989)

Thank you for your interest in TheAirframe spa cover as this guide is intended to help you understand and care for this sustainable, patents pending cover. Better choices will help improve our planet by reducing EPS foam* from being buried in our land fills…future generations depend on our principled behavior now.

TheAirframe spa cover is comprised of poly banded aluminum frames with layered chambers of air that insulate amid radiant barriers and covered with attractive outdoor water repellent fabric. This sustainable design is recyclable and repairable with no EPS foam and built to withstand the elements without becoming water saturated.

The pliable surfaces meet ASTM regulations for safety and will not break like EPS foam board covers. Cover tie downs are durable cable restraints.

Airframe fabric is gas permeable, (breathable) adjusts to climate changes and selected for that purpose. As it, “breathes” it is less inclined to allow mold and mildew as vinyl spa covers are noted for.

Radiant energy barriers surround the air chambers to limit emissivity and condensation. As layered air chambers have minimal conductivity (no mass) they insulate better than new EPS foam.

The patented Angle Integrated Removal System (AIRS cover assist) allows the patented angle of compression hinge a better energy efficient seal while allowing easy access to the spa and safer lower storage of the cover. An optional CBS (counter balance system) is available to further assist cover removal if desired.

The Airframe is an energy winning design using scientific principles to insulate and patented elements to create a superior light weight spa cover made in the USA. Airframe has no threads or zippers to fail and no EPS foam to gain water weight. The Energy Trust of Oregon offers a $100 cash rebate for Airframe’s energy efficiency.

…Welcome to the 21st century.