Portable Spa Confirmed “Most Energy Consuming Home Appliance”

“Most energy consuming appliance in America”
Spa may be getting bad rap!

(Major heat loss detected at foam spa cover, “dual hinge”)

2 Year Old Vinyl Spa Cover

2 Year Old Vinyl Spa Cover

A typical bi-fold EPS foam spa cover has a dual vinyl hinge connecting the two halves to provide a lift bar support feature for the cover during spa use. This 1.25″ to 2″ wide hinge allows heat to escape continually as can be witnessed by observing where the neighbors’ cat sleeps on chilly nights!

A steam blocking vinyl covered pad is sewn at each end of the hinge to obviate concern. These, “Wedgies”, keep the two foam cores at a measured distance as they decompose from water sanitizing efforts. Cover lifting bars strain the cover stitching and hinge continually degrading and breaking it down. Black metal lift bars can exceed 175 degrees in the sun to help speed this along.

Outdoor testing at sunset on the dual hinged foam cover provides evidence of accelerated heat loss due to evaporation at that hinge (the, “Chimney Effect”).

A sixty degree evening temperature in October does not reveal the thirty two degree cover surface due to evaporation!

Spas are required to have covers and few covers are made without the dual hinge. EPS foam spa cover quality also declines as manufacturers meet lower competitive pricing. Dual hinged, foam spa covers have helped to degrade the portable spa to the least efficient appliance in America while increasing energy costs and promoting premature land fill.