License Agreement

TheAirframe Spa Cover License Agreement

The need for a more sustainable, energy efficient spa cover has never been so prevalent. Inefficient foam board covers take on water to become unmanageable users of energy, only to end up as landfill for many centuries. We have a plan to bring manufacturing back to America by offering license agreements to those who are so inspired in every state.

We offer a non-exclusive turn key business opportunity including all equipment and training certification necessary to create the Airframe spa cover for the more than 12 million spa owners and 5,000 spa dealers nationwide.!

The Income Potential:

With a building no larger than 400 square feet (2 car garage) and projected sales of less than one cover a day a licensee can earn from $49k to $110k annually.

If you are interested to learn more about our Licensing Agreement please fill out the form below.!