The Best Spa Cover

Why is the AirFrame simply the best hot tub cover?


It’s revolutionary!

The Airframe spa cover uses scientific principles for an environmentally sound,  most energy efficient, sustainable spa cover designed to protect heated spas without FOAM or harmful VOC’s!

  1. Always Light as AIR Spa Cover (Doesn’t gain water weight)
  2. Saves up to 75% energy costs utilizing the Patented Chambered Air Technology.
  3. Beautiful Outdoor Acrylic Fabric (Long Lasting, Water repellent, gas permeable)
  4. Patented AIRS cover handler (Extends cover warranty to 7 years)
  5. Energy Efficiency Hot Tub Cover without toxic EPS foam
  6. A Hypoallergenic Spa Cover without the use of harsh chemicals.
  7. Contains none of the harmful or dangerous VOC’s other spa covers do. (NO styrene, benzene, pentane, PVC or HBCD )
  8. No PVC Vinyl (Petroleum Based)
  9. First spa cover designed to be repaired or updated
  10. Designer Colors Available (Mineral, Dove, Mink, Cinnamon, Forest)
  11. Environmentally, “Green” spa cover (Recyclable, Repairable and Sustainable)
  12. Perimeter Barrier Seal (Pliable scrim conforms to acrylic spa shape)
  13. No rigid Styrofoam board to break.
  14. Qualifies for Energy Rebate ($100 cash from Oregon Energy Trust)
  15. Patented Compression Angle Single Hinge (Superior energy efficient hinge)
  16. No ugly vinyl flaps to hide heat leaking edges. (No threads or zippers to fail)
  17. Patented longer, “Stabilizer Straps” (Secure ease of opening and re-covering)
  18. No more hot tub cover “Lifters” that tear at spa cover hinges
  19. Design is PG&E 2010 ambient (outdoor) energy test spa cover winner!
  20. North American energy test spa cover winner Cal Poly 2008