Airframe Spa Cover Specification

The Airframe Spa Cover for Portable Spas

The most energy efficient spa cover made with 100% recyclable materials!

The most energy efficient spa cover made with 100% recyclable materials!

Finally…the world’s first sustainable, energy-efficient spa covers… The Airframe! Coverplay has designed this cover with state of the art engineering which is comprised of banded aluminum frames with layered chambers of air that insulate amid radiant barriers, covered with attractive outdoor, water-repellent fabric.

Coverplay’s sustainable spa cover design is recyclable and repairable and built to withstand the elements without becoming water saturated. The pliable surfaces meet ASTM regulations for safety and don’t break like EPS foam board covers. Cover tie downs are durable cables linked to stainless steel and aluminum hardware.

 Coverplay Award Winning Design

TheAirframe Spa Cover by Coverplay is an energy winning design using scientific principles to insulate and patented elements to create a superior lightweight spa cover made in the USA. This cover is so efficient, the Energy Trust of Oregon offers a $100 cash rebate to spa owners when replacing their foam spa covers. With no threads or zippers to fail and no EPS foam to gain water weight, our durable cover may even outlast the spa it protects.

Welcome to the 21st Century

TheAirframe has a specially selected gas permeable (breathable) fabric and adjusts to climate changes. As it, “breathes” it inhibits mold and mildew unlike traditional vinyl/foam hot tub covers.

Radiant energy barriers surround the air chambers limiting emissivity and condensation. As layered air chambers have minimal conductivity (no mass), they insulate better than new EPS foam and much better than water soaked foam.

The patented Angle Integrated Removal System  (AIRS cover assist) by Coverplay uses a proprietary angle of compression hinge to create an energy efficient seal while allowing easy access to the spa and safer, lower storage of the cover. An optional CBS (counter balance system) is available to assist cover removal if desired.

Simple Maintenance for Lasting Protection

To help the cover continue to protect the spa, simply rinse the cover with water periodically to keep it clean and brush leaves and sediments away as they accumulate. A light dish detergent can help remove stains. For added protection, fabric mills recommend applying 303 water repellent.